Since 1951, i.e. from the beginning of establishment, we have being work on our lands because of our true love to growing and planting. Our cultivated lands are 20 hectares and we breeding products such as corn, wheat, grain, alfalfa and rapeseed. All of our products are breeding by Pressure irrigation system. In this system, that are more effective than the surface irrigation systems, water is applied to the plants under pressure through pipes.



Facilities and Equipment

Satisfactory modernization of the facilities and the equipment (machinery, tractors, tools, etc.) of a farm leads to its successful productivity and profitability. We believe that Facilities and equipment are really as investments and labor savers for any business chiefly farming. So we pay special attention to adapt and promote all farm facilities and equipment for optimum use and safety. In addition that, we place great value on training and empowering our workers in the farm.

Products Specifications

We have successfully reached the highest harvest tonnage per hectare, and our products are in highest quality and best situation.

Taking each product separately, we offer the best quality of corns (or its traditional name, maize) for our customers which contains high nutritional value and durability. The corn seeds offered by us are supplied from valid sources for assuring our customer of our trust worthiness. We produce our through expert agriculturists.

About our produced wheat and grain, we offer our dear customers with wheat and grain that is excellent in taste and flavor. These products always is cultivated under hygienic conditions and you can be sure that we are following the necessary quality standards.

Alfalfa (Lucerne) cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. Our Alfalfa has the high feeding value, high nutritional quality and is the highest-yielding forage plant. Also our Alfalfa has very high dry matter and long shelf life in case of correctly stored.

Canola ranks 5th in production among the world’s oilseed crops following soybeans, sunflowers, peanuts and cottonseed. For breeding, canola fits well into the temperate climate area. Our Rapeseed seed are healthy, ripened, and free from living pests and we always endeavor to supply our best quality to our honored customers.

We are getting repeated orders from our customers, which indicate the quality of the agriculture products we offer. We also undertake both bulk and retail orders and deliver them within a committed time to meet the needs of our customers.


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