Fruit Garden (nectarine)


In addition to flowers greenhouses and cultivation lands, we are producing fruits. The main fruit which we have, is nectarine. There is almost 5 hectares nectarine garden in our complex.

The nectarine is one of the fleshy fruit that Contrary to people suppose, this fruit is not a cross between a peach and a plum. It is a spontaneous variety of peach, so the peaches and the nectarines are equivalent genetically. The world-wide production of peaches and nectarines is estimated to be around 12,000,000 tons.

Facilities and Equipment

The nectarine tree is very similar to the peach tree, in fact it is a variety of the latter. Therefore, they both share common characteristics, such as sensitivity to low temperatures and the need of light for the fruit bearing. This tree is affected by the low temperatures. Because of early flowering, this tree can’t bear temperatures below -15ºC, therefore it is very sensitive to spring frosts, suffering serious damages at -3ºC and need much light to bear quality fruit. So, to achieve excellent and first degree quality, we prepare full required facilities for our nectarine trees.

High Quality and Specifications

As one of the fruit suppliers, we believe that reaching sustainable high quality level both for taste and appearance is very important. So our produced nectarines are the best and the most desirable kind in taste, also are the most appropriate in size. More importantly they are healthy and rich in nutritional properties and vitamins include vitamin B3, vitamin C, and vitamin A which is useful to decrease cholesterol level in the blood, protects against various types of cancer, intensifies the immunological functions, and improve the sight, growth, the bones development, the reproduction, the body tissues and develop the hormonal role and the Co-enzymes.

Our Commitment to your Health

All the production that we produce, is our own, which can assure you about the quantity and quality we undertake. Our customers always are aware of what they are going to get, where it comes from and how it is produced and packaged. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen our acting in the market and offering our fruits to people who are looking for their own health and that of their families. So for tasting our delicious and juicy nectarine you can order in this online shop and get it easier and fresher.

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