Four classified greenhouses based on flowers type include:

Alstroemeria greenhouse

Alstroemeria symbolizes friendship and devotion, and the twists in the flower symbolize the trials and tribulations of friendships. This flower is a South American genus of about 50 species of flowering plants, mainly from the cool, mountainous regions in the Andes. Their transient beauty also makes them a thoughtful choice to express condolence at a time of sorrow. Each of the Alstroemeria’s six petals represent an important characteristic: commitment, understanding, patience, humor, respect and empathy.

Our Alstroemerias greenhouse is 5,000 square meters, which has been established since 2001.

Equipment and facilities

Climate is very important for Alstroemeria. Alstroemeria flowers need full sun and completely moist soil. Shoots grow is very much affected by the soil temperature. Also sufficient light is important to prevent bud abortion and will result in a strong and heavy quality stem.

– Climate control system to create the ideal internal climate in the greenhouse, good growth of the flowers and preventing of diseases and damages.

– Nutrition system (Priva Company) for automatic and optimized Irrigation and nourishing. As any high-value crop should be irrigated to ensure more reliable production.

– Standard Greenhouses framework, directly imported from the Netherlands.

Meet the highest standards  

The variety of Alstroemerias we offer are sourced from Royal Van Zanten Company based in the Netherlands and by keeping the top qualities and rich diversity of colors (we are growing 15 colors of the company’s Alstroemerias with the same quality). Our offers in this greenery are cut Alstroemeria flowers. One interesting point is that in general, alstroemeria is very popular owing, both to its multitude of colors and long vase life as a cut flower.

Good flower characteristics such as flower color, shape, long inflorescence, long shelf life and free-flowering plant characteristics are essential for the cut-flower production. This imposes strict requirements on the quality of flower and leaf.

About our produced Alstroemerias, their shoots can grow up to 2 meters high depending on the variety. The vase life is very long (can be up to 3 weeks) and the leaves are all turned upside down with fantastic brightly colored blooms. The colors available are ranging from white, golden yellow, orange; to pink, red and purple.

We always ensure that our Alstroemerias meet the highest standards as confirmed by the increasing number of satisfied customers. So we very welcome all your orders especially through this website and hope to have a wonderful experience of that.

Anthurium greenhouses

Anthurium is an attractive and commercially popular ornamental plant. The anthurium is a symbol of exotic beauty. The anthurium flower (actually its spathe) is shaped like a heart. Its unique heart shape and long-lasting character make the anthurium a powerful symbol of love. We are Anthuriums growing enthusiasts with years of experience breeding and reproducing Anthurium for the cut flower.

Our Anthuriums greenhouses Includes 2 saloons has been established since 2011. Each of saloons are 5,000 square meters, totally, 10,000 square meters in our collection dedicated to breeding Anthuriums by using hydroponic (water based, nutrient rich solution) Planting system.

Equipment and facilities

Although Anthuriums needs very little attention in comparing with many other flowering plants, we’ve prepared a very suitable situation for Anthuriums saloons. Anthuriums come from South American rainforests, so they love light, warmth, and high humidity, so the following equipment is set to create the ideal conditions for Anthuriums:

– Climate control system, which will greatly improve the process of breeding.

– Nutrition system that originated from Priva Company for getting the best performance in Irrigation and nourishing. We know that a steady, reliable supply of water ensures production of the longest stems possible.

– Professional Greenhouses structures which are originated from one of the best-known companies based in the Netherlands.

High Quality and uniqueness

All of Anthuriums are originated from Anthura Company based in the Netherlands. We are breeding them by keeping the top qualities and high varieties. There are more than 150 types of Anthuriums in the world and we are growing 10-20 varieties of the Anthura company’s Anthuriums such as Angel, Previa, Xavia, Baron, Midori, Pistache, Carnaval, Maxima Violata, Presence, Moments, Whisper, Peruzzi, Zafira, Facetto, Spice, Nero, Morano, Lemona, Fantasia and etc.

We produce Anthuriums as cut flowers in large or small-flowered varieties that have special production requirements. However, Anthuriums are available all year. For having a radiant and sundrenched eye catcher near you, our anthuriums will be exactly what you want.

Our Anthuriums are known for their Long-lasting, brilliant colors and lacquer-like shine. Moreover, we’ve reached highest efficiency for harvesting in each square meters.

Because freshness is always a consideration, we always seek to promote the production process to keep the quality from the greenhouses to the final consumer. You can order your favored Anthuriums in our website and enjoy their quality, uniqueness and beauty.

Orchid greenhouses

When it comes to flowers, very few species can compete with orchids.

Our Orchid greenhouses Includes 2 saloons that each of them are 5,000 square meters, totally, 10,000 square meters of orchids are breeding in our collection since 2011.

Equipment and facilities

We know well that Orchids require a little more care than other plants and flowers. Then for good growth of them, we are considering every key aspect includes light, water, aeration, and temperature. Other important point is that a steady and reliable supply of water ensures production of the longest stems possible.

Therefore, some equipment is used in our greenhouses to ensure this matter, which includes:

– Climate control system that carefully managed for reaching the maximum plant growth.

– Nutrition system that originated from Priva Company based in the Netherlands. This system is used for getting the best performance in Irrigation and nourishing.

– best Greenhouses framework and structures that have imported and executed from the Netherlands directly.

Quality, long flowering period and durability

We have one of the best and longest operating Orchids greenery, with a record of high quality orchid plants and more than 50 year experiences.

Our Orchid varieties are a wide range of Phalaenopsis sourced from Flori-Culture, Sion and Antura Companies, both based in the Netherlands and by keeping the top qualities of origin. Varieties available includes Arcadia, Polka Dots, Miraflore, Limelight, Joyride, Purple Heart, Dame Blanche, Breezes, Octopus, Cupid Spirit, Doremi, Independence, V3, P43, etc.

We supply various kinds of orchids includes cut orchid flowers and Potted Orchid Plant, The colors available are white, pink, yellow, purple and hybrid colors.

We also breed miniature and standard sizes, specializing in easy growing plants that produce flowers with highest efficiency for harvesting in each square meters.

The durability of our orchids is unique. The plant sits in the pot firmly, and the spikes are thick. We have a wealth of orchids, which beautifully branched, have many flowers and bloom for a long time. More importantly you can be sure of that, our products will remain perfect lasting several days.

With the generally high quality and wide selection available in our greenhouse the customer expectations for service and quality is always been high.

You can use our user friendly online ordering system to make purchasing your beloved Orchids comfortably. We are here to amuse orchid lovers. You can count on quality, reliability, and value in every orchid we will produce forever.

Strelitzia greenhouse

Strelitzia (bird of paradise) is one of the best known of all the tropical flowers. The Strelitzia meaning includes joy, paradise, faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness that make it the one of the best romantic gift.

The flower gets its name from the fact that its flower is made of three bright orange petals and three blue petals that are fused together into a single bud. Each petal is the same as a bird in flight.

There are two more famous Strelitzia Varieties: Strelitzia reginae (the orange bird of paradise) and Strelitzia nicolai (the white bird of paradise).

Our Strelitzias greenhouse has been established since 2001. Its area is 5,000 square meters and in each square meters, has been reached highest efficiency.

Equipment and facilities:

Although the Strelitzia is easier to grow than many tropical plants, it is clear that good care ensures intensive growth and great blossom splendor. Realization of this target requires much bright light, warmth, moist soils and temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For meeting these requirements and reaching the well blooming, we prepared following facilities in the nursery:

– Climate control system in order to customize with requires of the varieties.

– Nutrition system (Priva Company) for automatic and optimized Irrigation and nourishing. As any high-value crop should be irrigated to ensure more reliable production.

– Standard Dutch Greenhouses structure.

Quality and brilliant

We produce Strelitzias as cut flowers and with intense colors which are shining between its evergreen leaves. It is known that Strelitzias are popular cut flowers, especially for summer floral arrangements. After cutting, they can last for one to two weeks.

Because of broad selection and freshness, our Strelitzias are in best quality and are popular for their True and brilliant colors.

One of the interesting points about Strelitzias is that both flowers and leaves can be used. So in this nursery, we are also breeding other decorative leaves such as Asparagus, Yucca, dracaena, Beaucarnea, and Spathiphyllum.

We make every effort to offer Strelitzias with the highest quality. This has been achieved by considering the specific demands of the plant that comes from years of experience and is the result of true love for flowers.

We’ve pulled together all the information you could possibly need to make a good purchase in our website. Then we invite you to try our online delivery and get your order more easily.

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